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How easy is it for your customer to contact you?

WhatsApp, QR Codes and Instant Messaging have changed how we communicate in business today! Not sure if it is the age nearly 50 but I am finding it so much more of a struggle to lose excess weight.  Recently I have received many adverts for a miracle coffee, well this is a win/win I want to lose weight and I love my coffee.  What I have noticed the adverts have one thing in common they give you their number and ask you to send them a message on WhatsApp .  Now the frustration I have is I have to add the number to my contacts to send a WhatsApp, this stops me from responding to the ad.  How much potential business are you losing because you don't make it easy for your customers to contact you? WhatsApp, QR codes and instant messaging have become tools of choice for a lot of customers.  in our sales training we teach how important it is to make it easy for customers to engage with us.  Facebook has added  an option for you to add a WhatsApp button on your post, this makes it easier f