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A Website that Attracts Attention

In researching how to build a website that attracts attention most of the articles I read explain the design side.  Making sure you keep it simple, use contrast, show emotion and the list goes on.  What I was really looking to answer is how can I design a website for an Entrepreneur that does not just look like a template that everyone else is using . Use Personalised Pictures  I remember having my first meeting with Peggy from VIP Visas ( ) at a coffee shop.  We spoke about the possible visas she could help people with the countries that she had dealt with.  As we spoke we soon realised there was more to just helping a person with a visa it is the guidance and walking along side someone that is overwhelmed going through is process.   I thought back to when my husband and I went overseas, the painful experience of applying for our visas.  We could have as so many other visa companies have done, sell the destinations they can issue visas for or as we did we went with