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Does your website tell a story

We grew up with story time, many cultures use stories to pass on information and knowledge from one generation to another. It seems however when we get into the workplace we prefer to overcomplicate and use language that no one understands.

Starting a story on your website

The first step to creating a website is understanding your customers.  We first look at what are their concerns, needs and wants the story needs to talk to them.  We start by looking at what is the problem you are solving remember all we do is about your customer not you.

Hero to Guide

A few years ago I was going to start Design4Life I created the name and even had my daughter draw a picture for me. I was the hero but a few years later I had a mindset change I understood that in the hero story there was only place for one hero and that should always be the client.  The three main characters in any good story is a hero, villain and guide. 

When I think of a guide I always think of someone that helps one navigate terrain that they are not sure of.  The move is to becoming the GUIDE that helps or equips the HERO to take on or defeat the VILLIAN (problem they need to solve).  

How do you make sure your message attracts the right attention?

It is by creating a message from a Guides perspective of how can I help you the Hero with tools to help defeat the villain.  When any of your messages talks about how great you are as a person or a company you have gone into hero mode.

When creating messaging or your story on your website, social media it needs to look at the problem you are help solve instead of the product or services you are selling.

The basic 3 steps to create messaging:

1.      What is the problem my client is having?

            Starting or running a small business can be overwhelming.  

2.      How can I help solve the problem?


         Design 4 Life can help you design your message and build an effective website. 


3.      And the part I like what is the happy ending if you can solve your problem.

           That will help you attract the right customers.